The Pain Points

Small team but handling more than one responsibility, sometime they are available to cater calls sometime not.

What They Decided To Do

Go ahead with contact center solution to track each and every call and agent performance. Also, they decided to go with cloud-based providers to avoid any hardware installation at their premise. Their evaluation criteria included excellent services with maximum uptime, strong support, and a scalable solution.

How We Helped

With our solution, they are able to have a complete track over the calls and manage their timing, clients are notified when they are not able to cater their calls and they can contact the client at their ease.

The Way It Is Now

Complete transparency with real-time call reports and recordings. The benefit of having agents anywhere and still continue to use service and make calls to clients.

The Problem We Solved

Call management was really very difficult for the organization which later on became no time-consuming task after they took the solution and they could utilize their time in other tasks.

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