Aam Aadmi Party

The Pain Points

Newly formed political party with immense educated youth volunteer support, yet lack of still a good vote bank. With elections round the corner, it required a quick method to communicate their strategies, agenda to the voters to get their support and votes during the election. Since it was a volunteer-led party it did not have people for full-time support, people could only devote the time that was available to them. Another big challenge was the current provider they were working with had service issues.

What They Decided To Do

They decided to find another tech expertise partner to ensure that without any delay they are able to reach out to as much voter base and with a good delivery of service. They found information about us online and after few interactions and a meeting found us promising and decided to proceed with Spark TG.

How We Helped

We provided them a customised platform for their requirement i.e. Volunteer calling Voter in almost no time. They shared the database of whitelisted volunteers who could call on the toll-free and on the same call get connected to multiple voters. In this way, volunteer was able to make most of their time in a single call rather than calling multiple times. After a few days only they realised we were far above in QoS compared to their past provider and they migrated the whole service to us.

The Way It Is Now

Post the Delhi Election Campaign, they gave us multiple projects like Delhi University elections, AAP National Helpline, State helplines during elections, multiple broadcasts and more.

The Problem We Solved

A quick replacement for their non-performing provider, better QoS and custom solutions for their multiple elections.

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