1 SparkTG Integration with WhatsApp Business API

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WhatsApp Business API Integration for Reliable Communication

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SparkTG Integration with WhatsApp Business API

SparkTG’s Integration with WhatsApp

SparkTG launched WhatsApp integration for its omni channel communication solution. Now, SparkTG customers can use WhatsApp for automated communication, marketing, sales, and customer service.

Virtually connect with your customers worldwide with WhatsApp, an instant messaging app. With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the widely used channel by businesses to connect with their customers immediately. Modernize customer service experiences with WhatsApp business API.

Experience the Power of WhatsApp

Provide proper structure to your communication with customers. More than 2 billion people across 180 countries prefer WhatsApp as the messaging channel. Enable businesses with plenty of opportunities to deliver world-class customer service experiences.

1. Rich Media Conversations and Support
Enjoy real-time conversation experiences with customers with rich media support. WhatsApp with SparkTG enables customer interactions by sharing live location, GIFs, videos, shipping details, account statements, invoice PDF, text messages, images, audio files, electronic tickets, QR codes and many more.

2. Responsive Buttons
Generate rapid reply and call-to-action buttons within WhatsApp, so that the audiences can respond immediately.

3. Notifications and customer care messages
Make your customer start the conversation anytime and anywhere. Template messages can be used to ping the customers with important updates.

4. WhatsApp Chatbots
Automate repetitive tasks of the customer care team with the help of WhatsApp chatbots. Use WhatsApp chatbots to resolve the customer's queries automatically. The agents will be able to sort the conversations that really matter or recognize the complex ones.

WhatsApp for Business Communications

The enterprises that aim to engage customers via private and secure chat look at WhatsApp as the perfect platform. WhatsApp asks firms to host their decapitated edition of the app.

Customer Care Conversations
The same WhatsApp profile can be used for both messaging to customers or responding to their queries or conversations.

Custom Interactive Message Templates
Enable your agents and customers to respond easily by using custom made templates. It reduces the handling time of customers, and at the same time increases productivity. Templates can be either text, image, or video.

Support for 40+ Languages
Ease the conversation with customers by communicating in their native languages. WhatsApp supports over 40 languages worldwide.

Improved Business Branding
Let the customer realise that they are communicating with a brand. Adorn your WhatsApp profile with the website, business hours, address, etc.

Begin in 3 Easy Steps

Three easy and hassle-free steps to use WhatsApp through SparkTG are:

1. Create an Account on SparkTG
Register using our website to begin with the WhatsApp Business solution. Customers who have already registered previously just need to log in to initiate the process.

2. Request Access
After logging in, use the WhatsApp icon and head to ‘Channels’ and ask for access.

3. Use WhatsApp for Customer Service
After getting approval, start using WhatsApp to send messages and begin conversations. Utilise WhatsApp Business API or SparkTG cloud software to deliver extraordinary customer support.

Enable WhatsApp for Business Via Our Software or API

Our APIs enable enterprises to contact thousands of bots and agents allowing interaction with consumers manually and programmatically.

Mobile Service Cloud
One-stop solution for every business needs related to customer service experience, anytime and anywhere. Communicate with the customers either via chatbot or through Omnichannel Inbox.

Mobile Marketing Cloud
Distribute existing data to 360 degrees customer profiles.

Business Messaging API
SparkTG API collaborates various communication channels in one platform. Contact customers through their desired channels with our Business Messaging API.

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