Telephony Solution for E-Commerce Institutes

Be ready with consumers ever evolving demands and offer them a handy, effortless and comfortable customer experience!
To help the customer decide their choice of product is the kind of support which every e-commerce business needs to provide today. Using SparkTG’s easy to integrate telephony services with most of the CRMs, helps the agent to guide customer instead of toggling between the different dashboards of telephony & CRM. SparkTG’s Contact Center Solution is tailored to meet your needs for all customer communication purpose. It offers a perfect fit.

SparkTG’s Virtual Contact Center customisable IVR help customer track the correct information about their orders. Customers & Suppliers can easily reach out to the right agent t handle their specific queries. Agent if required, can also connect the required third-party vendor for the order tracking or expert guidance. Besides, the service can also in cases of wrong, incorrect delivery accumulate correct information by automated outbound calls.


The Solution Helps To:

Build customer loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty

SparkTG’s VCC solution empower e-commerce businesses to meet the ever-evolving consumer demands & expectations to reduce operational costs by providing automation in IVR

Personalize Each Interaction

Personalize Each Interaction

With live caller information about caller, the agent can personalise each and every call to give customers an exceptional experience every time they call

Provide Smooth Interactions

Provide Smooth Interactions

Connect callers to right agent who can handle their exact issues without wastage of time by routing the call using multiple skills-based routing methods

Telephony APIs

Integrate Telephony APIs

With SparkTG's VCC solution customize your call center by integrating multiple systems using easy to integrate, simple and non-intrusive telephony APIs

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