The Pain Points

Qdesq and SparkTG got together when Qdesq was at a very nascent stage of its launch and was extremely busy with organisation setup and with space discussions with clients. At this moment though all its calls were critical and important as they could be from their prospective clients but due to their busy schedule they were unable to handle these calls in a professional manner, and hence could not provide the required experience.

What They Decided To Do

SparkTG contacted them and showed them the demo mentioning the benefits of solution for them. They agreed and decided to go ahead with the solution not only for them for an option for their clients as well.

How We Helped

Qdesq was not able to provide a rich experience to all its callers and in a state of no answer due to being busy was able to capture voice message or call back if required. It has the access to all customer calls with the real-time dashboard, call logs, complete call recordings. Since founders of Qdesq were too busy to check the dashboard they preferred to have the reports on their emails via subscribe reports option. They are now able to completely manage their call flow, set business hours and stand as a professional organisation amongst its competitors.

The Way It Is Now

Not only Qdesq but, few of its clients have also taken the service and are extremely happy with the QoS. Qdesq now uses its solution for a dual purpose, first it to take its customers call or reach out to them and also to demonstrate the solution to its clients to make them understand the benefits of the solution.

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