What Is Cloud Telephony and How Does It Work

What Is Cloud Telephony and How Does It Work

What Is Cloud Telephony and How Does It Work

Cloud telephony is one of the types of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), where all the collaboration tools and communication systems work together. It enables the businesses to transfer their phone calls to the cloud as well as connecting them with business processes, CRM, instant messaging and video meetings. It improves team coordination and keeps them more engaged and focused.

Today, when every business aspect is moving towards the cloud, why not a communication system. Traditionally, businesses had to invest a lot in order to manage the array of hardware, software and wires for effective organisational communications. But with the arrival of cloud telephony, everything is settled on the cloud. Cloud telephony enables businesses to maintain their telephony infrastructure with little investment, by just an interface that connects the business network with a cloud-hosted system.

Cloud Telephony Definition

Cloud telephony is the phone system that enables you to run communication through your internet connection. The technology is also named as VoIP-based hosted PBX solution. Over the past decades, the migration of office spaces, expansion of in-house teams and hiring of remote workers has been a cumbersome and costly process. But with cloud telephony, everything runs effortlessly and automatically by just informing the cloud servers.

Benefits of cloud telephony

Even though there are several benefits of having a cloud telephony system for your business, some of the major advantages are:

Always Updated
The major benefit of cloud telephony systems is, it always keeps your services updated without putting any extra effort.

Easy Scalability
Businesses do not always remain the same; there are many ups and downs. Cloud telephony helps the user to add or remove channels easily, according to the requirement.

Reliable With High Uptime
There is a possibility of unexpected technical failure. Cloud telephony runs with multiple servers, so that if one fails, the other one starts its processes automatically without any delay.

Low Cost of Ownership
Cloud telephony needs fewer resources as everything is happening in the cloud. It saves at least 15% to 30% of the operational cost of enterprises.

How Cloud Telephony Works

When a customer initiates a call and dial the number, it is transferred to Hosted PBX (Public Branch Exchange) through the PRI (Primary Rate Interface) line on cloud. The hosted PBX keeps track of each phone call in order to determine its routing structure. It is connected to all the phone extensions so as to transfer each call to the right agent, according to customer requirements. The PBX connects the customer’s call to the agent after analysing their requirements and deciding the suitability. PBX is also open to block any specific call guided by the service provider. It is the fastest approach to connecting the calls.

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Cloud Telephony With SparkTG

We, at SparkTG, deliver the complete solution for all the cloud telephony requirements. The major benefit enterprises get with our cloud telephony system are futuristic technology and 24/7 support. SparkTG manages all your cloud telephony requirements, whether it is call recording, event-based calling, IVR, bulk SMS, etc. By choosing our cloud telephony solution for your enterprise, you can enhance your external and internal as well as outbound and inbound communication processes, that too in very less time and effort.

SparkTG's cloud telephony solution enables real-time access of call recording logs, comprehensive call data reports, call statistics, and speech analytics. The service enables enterprises to track any or all the calls for quality purposes. Our cloud calling solutions help to deliver outstanding communication experiences to your employees and customers, with easy installation and deployment. The businesses can get access to a number of features that will definitely add more value to your customer service. Some of them are:

Cloud IVR Solutions
Click2call Service
Call Masking
Virtual Receptionist
Toll-Free Number
WhatsApp Business API Integration

We also have our mobile app to add convenience to your customer support team: SparkTG Telephony App

Cloud Telephony is definitely simple, easy to use, and serves as a game-changer call center solution. Leverage the power of this robust communication solution with SparkTG. Take your customer support to the next level by boosting efficiency and productivity with SparkTG.

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