3 Ways Mobile is Revolutionizing Call Center Management

3 Ways Mobile is Revolutionizing Call Center Management

Growth of new avenues of service

The utility of mobile phones facilitate fast and convenient customer service through a variety of new avenues that continue to emerge. Currently, email, web chat, social media, voice calls, text messaging, and mobile apps are a few ways through which customers might reach out to a business. Usually customers use text messaging or web chat to get the help they need. And, call center or contact center agents can provide appropriate customer service with the help of text messages. Additionally, they can also send a customized link through text that leads to a direct phone call.

Customers also make use of social media for contacting companies when they need service or have an issue. As a matter of fact, 67% of consumers have engaged a brand’s social media for customer service needs. When a customer makes the effort to contact by means of social media, they expect a response. If treated or responded well, they become loyal customers. At the same time, resolving issues and providing customer service through these channels will not only show that your company is updated according to the latest technology, but will also help minimize inbound calls. Thus, leading to a win-win situation for both the customers and call centers.

Increasing popularity of video chat

“Video chat provides customers with a richer sense of presence, personalized experience by helped coordination of communication and the support of emotional expression, and the real-time sharing of content,” stated Brian Manusama, Research Director at Gartner.

Video Chat through smartphones is one of the best ways to directly connect with the customer support representatives. And, it undoubtedly offers a more personalized experience. This is what makes customers meaningfully associate with the brand. Therefore, in a scenario where many businesses use interactive voice response systems, video chat is a new and an effective way for companies to be real instead of just communicating through a machine and, providing customers the desired help.

Required for multi-channel access

These days customers can reach out to a company for availing products or services through multiple channels such as website or mobile apps. Hence, it is important for the call centers to prepare for the interactions with their customers through different channels. Apart from managing multi-channel access, communications in and between these channels also need to be documented properly using the right call center management software, to avoid any confusion later on. Also, since you don’t want your customers to repeat the same information over and over again, leading to their inconvenience and eventually losing them.

Thus, it is certainly in the interest of call centers to embrace mobile technology and all the latest communication channels related to the business, to stay ahead in the competition.

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