Cloud Telephony: The Ultimate Survival Strategy in times of COVID-19

Cloud Telephony: The Ultimate Survival Strategy in times of COVID-19

Never miss on Customers Calls

The biggest challenge for businesses as a part of the remote working is to be available to their customers. After all, your sales & customer support teams are not operating from the office, which makes it challenging for them to be available for the callers. But the cloud solutions have got you covered as they facilitate easy routing of calls to the designated agents, regardless of their physical location. Moreover, the usual feature, such as voice broadcast and IVR continues to work as usual. This enables your agents to work as usual, even from their homes all they need to do is access their accounts and handle business calls via their cellphones.

Deliver Top-notch Customer Service

By opting for reliable, scalable and secure cloud communication services during the pandemic, you can continue delivering the top-quality customer services. It enables your team to leverage the virtual receptionist feature so that you can cut down your customer's average wait time and provide them with better services. Even if a human agent is not available to attend to a call at a particular point in time, they can still be answered with a personalized greeting or a contextual message sent through the IVR system.

Call Recordings

Another reason for embracing cloud telephony is that it provides the option of recording inbound & outbound calls for the purpose of quality analysis. These recordings can also be used for tracking the performance of the agents even when they are working from a remote location. While the recorded calls can be used to identify the specific issues/needs of your customers amid the crisis and to find a feasible solution to offer them, they can also serve as the basis of agent training for handling the callers and clients' issues in a better way.

Business Continuity

The COVID-19 situation has taught us that disasters can strike any time unannounced, which makes it important for a business to have their business continuity plan in place. Cloud communication solutions have always been the foundation of the business continuity plans to keep the telephony solutions up & to run even during a disaster. Cloud solutions empower the team to work remotely and collaborate seamlessly without any disruptions. Therefore, this can make a huge difference between life and death for any business and save it from the struggle for survival, even in the toughest situation.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your business up and running amid this COVID-19 pandemic situation is definitely a huge challenge, but adopting the right technologies can help you get through with it smoothly. Surely, cloud telephony is a technology that a business cannot afford to miss out on!

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