How Workforce Optimization Improves Call Center Customer Service

Workforce optimization can improve call center customer service

Workforce Optimization to Improve Call Center Customer Service

Ambassador Software research says- 71% of the customers are likely to recommend a company or a service to others after they have had a positive interaction with them.

Whenever someone talks about the contact center, all they can think of is call monitoring and speech analytics as performance management methods. But Workforce Optimization is a comprehensive program that aims at bringing about improved customer service and thus, results in better customer experience.

In this article, we will see what workforce optimization is and how implementing it results in better contact center’s performance.

What is Workforce Optimization?

Workforce Optimization is a comprehensive tool that aims to improve the contact center’s performance by combining several activities such as call recording, quality management, speech analytics, workforce management, agent coaching and much more.

This strategy is used by the businesses to maximize customer satisfaction rate. The primary function of Workforce Optimization is to produce the necessary data on the performance of the workforce. In simple terms, it maximizes customer experience by analyzing, managing and optimizing staff in an organization.

The evaluation tools used in Workforce Optimization are:

  • Call recording
  • Search and replay
  • Quality and performance management
  • Analytics
  • Customer feedback

How does implementing Workforce Optimization in the contact center result in improved customer services?

Implementing workforce optimization helps contact center services in the following ways:

It helps in analyzing the quality of communication

With more and more businesses realizing the importance of giving customer experience the top priority; contact centers are using various ways to analyze the communication quality between their agents and the customers.

Workforce optimization software enables contact center services to analyze the quality of communication with the customers and improve it accordingly. The ability to analyze customer’s experience and knowing what they want helps companies to get ahead of their competition.

It aids in finding the root cause of customer conduct

While it is crucial for businesses to address the concern of their customers, it is equally important for them to know the reason behind their customer’s calls. The workforce optimization software helps businesses to analyze their customer activities (past & current) and figure out the reason for their repeated calls. When businesses understand the fears and priorities of their customers, they are able to improve their experience by offering better services.

It helps in working on the performance as well as skills of the agents

Agents work as representatives of the company when they are dealing with the customers; thus, their actions can directly affect the company’s reputation. This is where workforce optimization helps in giving the right training to the agents that enables them to provide better customer experience.

There are a lot of ways of involving the agents that can bring about improved customer experiences. Offering them the right training opportunities, sharing their performance insights and satisfaction metrics with them helps to keep them committed to their job, and keep their customers satisfied.

Agents can make more time for training and coaching sessions

With workforce optimization, your agents will have an organized schedule where their preferences will be set right for their work assignments. This leaves them with ample time, not just for other non-real-time interactions but also leaves them with a lot of quiet call periods that they can utilize effectively for training and coaching sessions. The more training, coaching or appraisal sessions that an agent undergoes, the higher will be the customer’s satisfaction level.

It also helps in reducing personnel costs

Workforce optimization makes use of several specialized algorithms to find the best suitable option for the organization. It reduces the non-productive hours of the agents, cut down on their overtime and lead to maximum utilization of their skills.

All this consolidates to the reduced personnel costs for the company. When the agents are happy (with reduced over time), they will bring out more satisfied customers, and there’s nothing more important for a company than this.

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