How does Click to Call impact Customer Service?

How does Click to Call impact Customer Service?

How does Click to Call impact Customer Service?

Today, most organizations are focusing on enhancing customer engagement through innovative technological means since online customers prefer websites that come equipped with an embedded callback technology. These initiatives lead to an improved customer experience with greater brand loyalty and brand retention. Further, it enforces a solid connection with the customer that goes beyond the transactional level. And, playing an integral role in reinforcing this connection is Click-to-Call.

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer”

What is Click-to-Call?

Click to call is an internet-based tool that allows contact centers to connect the right agents to the customers quickly. The Click to call buttons is embedded on a company’s website or as an advertisement and whenever customers click on the button; they are directed to the contact center via Voice-over-Internet Protocol (or VoIP).

It is important to note that unlike standard inbound calls, a call from a click-to-chat button provides clues for routing to an appropriate agent. For example, if the button is located on a help page, the call can be diverted to customer service. However, if the click-to-chat button is installed on a billing page, the call can be diverted to accounting. Thus, the location of the buttons determines where calls are routed, simplifying the complex process of routing customers to the correct agents.

Ways through which Click to Call feature enhances your business potential:-

According to Google, 61% of mobile searchers describe call as an essential part of their buying process. This indicates that having a telephonic conversation is crucial to instilling faith in the customers during the purchase process. And, using click-to-call button on your website helps your business to strengthen this trust factor by offering a convenient communication platform to connect with the company. Other than initiating conversation it also helps businesses in a number of other ways such as:-

Attracts More Potential Leads & Increase Sales

Customers may check out a number of available options through an in-depth research before making the final purchase. This is where a click-to-call button feature on your website can be used to capture the potential customers in their research phase making the research process way easier by providing a callback option.

Increases Your Sales Representatives Productivity

Integration of the CRM portal with click-to-call option eases up the calling process for the sales team. Due to this integration, sales people do not have to type in a phone number to make customer calls manually. Instead, they merely need to click on the call button present in front of every number to make any call. Thereby, this click-to-call flexibility saves a lot of their time spent in dialing these numbers and thus increases the overall efficiency of the sales agent.

Reduces Call Abandonment & Call Wait

It is quite likely that the customers may abandon the call when they are unable to connect with the agent after browsing through the IVR. However, using a click to call service reduces this risk to a large extent since the customers can directly request a call back with click-to-call option, and thus the stress of browsing through the IVR menu gets eliminated. Besides, it provides a direct and easy way to communicate with the live agent. Therefore, deploying click-to-call option lowers the total abandon rate of the calls along with improved customer satisfaction.


From the above discussion, it is clear that Click-to-Call is an excellent way to connect with the customers instantly. Therefore, while opting for contact center services, it is essential to look for the ones which provide effective Click-to-Call solutions.

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