How Cloud Contact Center Solution Can Protect Your Business Amid Covid-19 Crisis

How Cloud Contact Center Solution Can Protect Your Business Amid Covid-19 Crisis

How Cloud Contact Center Solution Can Protect Your Business Amid Covid-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected millions of people and businesses, big and small around the world. Most of the businesses have moved their operations online due to the increasing demand for online services. As a result, there are increasing reports of unfair, misleading, and fraudulent commercial practices taking place online.

In fact, while cloud contact center solutions working for different businesses are a crucial element in providing high-quality customer service even during a crisis situation, they also represent a data security risk. Therefore, in an effort to combat threats to customer data, many companies turn to computer systems to handle customer calls, such as automated speech recognition (ASR) or interactive voice response (IVR).

Below mentioned are some of the effective ways to secure your online business:-

Enhance Your Website Security Measures

Currently, phishing and scam websites are on the rise taking advantage of the people's need for information on COVID-19. Therefore, choosing a secure and reputable web hosting company is crucial for your website security. You need to make sure the host you select is aware of threats and devoted to keeping your website secure. It is also important to regularly perform web security scans to check for website and server vulnerabilities. You must maintain backups of all of your website files in case your site becomes inaccessible or your data is lost. Another significant point regarding website security is maintaining and updating every software product you use, since hackers can aggressively target security flaws in popular web software.

Follow Email Security Practices

A huge number of emails are sent every day. However, according to a research, only 50% of them is legitimate, while the rest falls into the spam category. This suggests that a large number of emails you and your employees receive could be potential security threats. Therefore, firstly, discourage your employees from using their business email address when subscribing to unreliable mailing lists.

Also, make sure that everyone in your company knows that they should be especially cautious when it comes to links sent within emails, social media, or unfamiliar websites. Unless you expect a particular link or attachment, avoid opening it without scanning. Try to clean up your email regularly and use anti-spam software to reduce unwanted emails.

Educate Your Employees Regarding Cyber Safety

At times, even the best security software wouldn’t work if your employees are not familiar with the basic potential security risk. This can seriously damage your online business. Hence, they should be informed about how to protect their devices and choose a strong password. Additionally, it is also crucial to educate them about different anti-virus options available, so that they can keep their devices clean.

Further, to secure your internal networks from threats, install firewalls on your servers and on all the office devices you use such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

Summing up:-

Protecting your online business from security threats is one of the major factors for the success of your business particularly during the present pandemic situation. And, by merely following a few simple steps discussed above, you can make sure your business devices, data, and network is safe and secure.

If you are seeking the assistance of contact center solutions for effective customer services, you need not worry. Since, your business data will be safely used by the contact center solutions. Moreover, a quality cloud contact center provider will comply with the international standards for information security.

Security of customer and business data remains a priority for contact center service solutions such as Spark TG. So, you may get in touch with Spark TG for availing of reliable and effective customer services.

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