What Is the Difference Between Call Forwarding and Call Transfer?

What Is the Difference Between Call Forwarding and Call Transfer?

What Is Call Forwarding and What Is Call Transfer?

Call forwarding is when you redirect all calls that are made to your phone number to another number. This could be a number that is answered by someone else or it could be a voicemail box. When someone calls your number, they will get the other number instead of yours.

Call transfer is when you answer a call and then forward it to another person or extension. You are still talking to the caller and they do not know that their call has been transferred. This can be used as a way to conference with multiple people on a single call.

Which Service Should I Choose?

Call forwarding requires more equipment than call transfer. So, if your company has budget limitations, this may be something that needs to be taken into consideration when deciding which service to use for your business communications strategy.

Call forward can also include an automated attendant or voice menu system, but usually they will only redirect telephone based calls while transfers cannot do this. The purpose of each service should dictate how you handle incoming phone traffic at your firm and with a little bit of research on what technology options are available through your VoIP provider, either one can work great!

When Would You Use Call Forwarding vs When Would You Use Call Transfer?

The best way to handle this situation is to have a business communications strategy in place. Call transfer and call forwarding are just two of many ways that you can use your VoIP technology for the benefit of your company, so make sure you know what each one does before selecting it.


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In this blog post, we have discussed the difference between call forwarding and call transfer. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision about which service would be best for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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