Best Practices Every Contact Center Should Adopt in 2019

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Best Practices Every Contact Center Should Adopt in 2019

Businesses are striving to fulfill the increasing expectations of customers and contact centers are an indispensable part of this journey. As companies struggle to keep with the changing demands of customers, contact centers endeavor to keep pace with current industry needs. With so many advancements and improvements in the queue, contact centers of all sizes need to adopt the best practices in the industry. Some of them are as below:

Customer sentiment intelligence

Contact center practices have gone beyond call recording and live chat. Now companies no longer rely on a better product or wider distribution network. An exception customer service has become vital to set themselves apart. They must stay in tune with customer needs and exceed buyer expectations to combat competition in the market. Customer sentiment intelligence implies to set of technologies contact center use to track customers’ sentiments. These tools include IVR (interactive voice response or text message survey. Customers’ sentiments are gauged through speech analytics and text analytics. IVR conversation enables cloud contact center to monitor their level of satisfaction ranging from satisfying to frustrating. Text analytics include analyzing text, like social media post or live chat conversation transcript to determine if it includes any word associated with satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Once companies get an idea of the customers’ sentiments, the data is analyzed with machine learning to determine the root causes. This helps businesses to avoid activities that lead to unhappy buyers and facilitate those that make customers happy.

Live chat

Live chat is another technology that has been used by contact centers for a long time now. Traditionally, companies used lived chat to respond to customers’ queries via their website. These responses were provided by live agents or chatbots (virtual assistants) that can analyze the chat transcript through text analytics, assess the context of the issue and find the right information to respond customers’’ queries. Live chat can be used by enterprises with both businesses to customer or business to business models. Incorporating live chat is a smart step to offer better customer satisfaction. Chatbots enable contact centers to better analyze chat history and related behavioral data, for example, is a customer is contacted through phone for support. Improved live chat activities make customers see greater value in them and hence motivate them to use more often.

Self-service tools for customers

More cloud contact centers are including self services tools and live chat as technologies in their solutions. Self services tools range a variety of techniques, including chatbots, mobile applications, self-service websites. The common aspect among all these tools is that they are designed to help customers help themselves. Several times, customers prefer to address their needs themselves when they find it more convenient to do so. Thus, it enables customers to use self-service for simple activities, like bill payment, or change account settings. The need for talking to a human arises when they face difficult issues. Self services allow businesses to maximize the benefits of their customer support and minimize potential customer frustration.

Contact center metrics

To offer an excellent customer service, contact centers need to measure the effectiveness. Contact center metrics help contact centers to map how effectively call agents and reps spend their time. The metrics also give an insight into their time, call volume, call resolution, average handle time, etc. the metrics tell the issues lingering inside which can be addressed with proper training. It helps contact center with what call agents need to do their jobs well.

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