4 Mistakes Your Contact Center Agent Should Never Commit

4 Mistakes Your Contact Center Agent Should Never Commit

4 Mistakes Your Contact Center Agent Should Never Commit

Customers drive business, and you want to ensure that they get the best service whenever they interact through different touch-points.

Poor customer service is costing businesses more than USD 75 billion a year. -NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 “Serial Switchers” Report

Delivering better customer service experience is crucial than ever. The report says that many brands are failing to create a positive experience that makes customer loyal. It’s why a whopping 67 percent of customers have become ‘serial switchers.’ These are the customers who are willing to change their existing brand due to bad customer experience.

Even if you aim to provide the best contact center service, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction may be a challenge. So, how do you ensure that your customers get the best experience? Answer: The contact center agents need to avoid these common mistakes that turn them away.

Mistake-1: Not Empathizing

When a customer calls for problems with the product he bought, he has to be appeased first before a resolution is offered. But the agent, fresh from training, usually follows with sample questions and statements. While call flow, ready-made scripts, and pre-formed questions can help them in providing customer service, but they often sound scripted than interactive, which upsets them.

The Fix: Get contact center software which gives immediate access to all the customer-related information so that they can focus on resolving customer issues instead of grappling with scripts.

Mistake-2: Speaking Rudely and Failure to Listen

The customer who buys a product from you is not expecting issues in it. He is irate while calling the contact center, and if he comes across a rudely speaking agent, things only get worse.

The agent is burdened with tasks, tools, and SOPs while handling the call, may not listen to him with full attention. Can you expect such an agent to resolve the customer issues?

The Fix: With a cloud contact center solution, the call can be recorded for analysis. The erring agent can be given valuable feedback, which will make him more attentive to listening calls first, before speaking it scripted way.

Mistake-3: Keeping Customers on Hold for Long

It is frustrating for a customer if his call is put on hold for longer durations. You can easily imagine how the customer will feel if he is subjected to minutes of silence or has to hear the same song over and over again.

A better way would be to make every effort to keep the call-hold duration to a minimum, even if the reason is valid. If the issue involves speaking to a manager or spending more time to track the customer details, the agent should arrange call-back to the customer rather than keeping him or her on hold.

The Fix: With a cloud contact center application in place, you can monitor the customer interactions and identify when the callers are being kept on hold. The agents should also be aware of the call length. They should also be trained to give customers call-back to avoid keeping them on hold for long.

Mistake-4: Passing Calls

If an agent is unable to handle the call on own, he may pass it to the other agents. When an agent passes the customer’s call to another agent, it makes them think that there is no one to handle their problems or resolve it. At last, they become so irritated that they hang- up and never choose the product again.

The Fix: Opt for a contact center software equipped with training modules to enable agents to handle any situation. You can also have specialized agents to handle certain kind of issues.

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With its usage, the contact center agents will be able to render the best service and ensure that your customers keep coming back.