3 Benefits of Predictive Dialers for Your Contact Center

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3 Benefits of Predictive Dialers for Your Contact Center

Businesses today highly depend on telephony technology for cold-calling, inside sales and customer support. But unfortunately, very few organizations successfully implement the right technology for the calling purpose. Many of them settle for manual dialing machines with a representative to punch in the numbers to call. Majority of the calls land up in either answering machine, engaged or unavailable. Sales rep struggle with dialing the right digits, only a few of which turn into productive calls.

However, with the advent of cloud contact center solution, organizations no more need to do the same. Now, there exist smart and advanced dialer technology that can solve all these problems and offer organizations with unique features and solutions. Predictive dialer is one such technology that has provided companies a new-gen technology to power their calling process.

What is predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an intelligent outbound call processing system offered by contact center software. It leverages computer algorithms, based on complex statistical modeling to make calls to multiple phone numbers fed to its database and route live calls to the available agents. As this process is continuous, there is no wait time for each call. With predictive dialer technology, the numbers started to get dialed a few seconds before an agent has finished a call so that the agent can immediately respond to the next call, without any downtime.

The biggest benefit of this software is that it uses efficient algorithms to predict how long an agent would be on a call and when s/he needs to make the next call. It also analyzes the number of calls that should be made, factoring in the call drop ratio for a particular campaign and analyzing other data derived through statistical methods. Thus, a predictive dialer can boost efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction while driving down the cost. Here are a few benefits of predictive dialers for your contact center.

Improves agent efficiency

Predictive dialers eliminate agents’ task of looking up lists of phone numbers and manually dial every customer. The dialer fixes the best time to call, predicts when a call will end up, and proceeds to dial the next number. The solution offers call blending features with which dialer can operate with an automated call distribution system to route calls to the available agents on both inbound and outbound channels. Agents, therefore, experience no idle time as inbound, and outbound calls are effortlessly switched depending on call flux.

Smarter lead management

Predictive dialers integrate all kinds of data (lead data, sales data, customer history, and contact information) at one place. The software determines prime call times and filters out any fax lines, ‘do not call’ numbers, numbers that will be directed to answering machines. It enables call agents to access the strongest leads at optimal times directly. The solution automated and captures all call activities directly to the CRM for stronger lead management along with providing valuable real-time metrics for greater sales and marketing practices.

Accelerated sales

Connecting to the right customer is the prime step to the procedure of closing a sale. A predictive dialer eliminates the process of guesswork and leads agents straightforward to customers who are most interested in purchasing. Features, like call logging, call recording, customer IVR, real-time call statistics, call reports not only saves call agents’ time but also enable them to focus on the strongest leads and closing sales.

All these features help businesses to drive excellent customer satisfaction as customers are contacted at a convenient time. In addition, this feature does not incur any additional cost on the pockets of enterprises.